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The 10 British record labels defining the sound of 2014


Reading this on mobile? Click here to view Dubstep, which once reimagined dance music as aggressive pure syncopation, has waned to a blanched, wobbling soundtrack for action movie trailers. But Hyperdub, a label that initially helped give the style its blacklit hue, is thriving.

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Jenny Lewis Announces New Album <em>The Voyager</em>


Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman/Postal Service collaborator Jenny Lewis has announced her new solo album. As Stereogum reports and a representative confirms, it’s titled The Voyager and due in July. It’s the follow-up to 2008’s Acid Tongue and 2010’s collaboration with Johnathan Rice, I’m Having Fun Now. Lewis is also on the road this summer, hitting a bunch of festivals. See dates below.

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Nick Cave Australia & New Zealand Solo Tour

Nick Cave will visit Australia and New Zealand in November and December 2014 to play a series of rare solo shows.

Supported by a small ensemble of musicians Nick will be playing songs from right across his catalogue, including last year’s ‘Push The Sky Away’.

This very special and intimate tour will see Nick perform in some of the more majestic theatres and auditoriums in Australia and New Zealand.

"The aim is to try to create a unique show for Australia & New Zealand - something special and out of the ordinary" Nick Cave

Tickets go on sale 3rd July at, full list of tour dates above.

The first signing to WE ARE THE FUTURE is dream pop band from London: HATS. Consisting of Garry and his twin brother (John) who have always had a great love of music, but notably we have a great love of The Blue Nile, The National, Doves, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens.

Still at University (in their final year) Gary primarily on the guitar and John on the piano. It was during the month of August 2013 that the EP was recorded. It was all done in their room, with many sleepless nights. “I guess you could call it our ‘Hide Away’ for a while which is where the idea of the song and EP came from.”


Listen/purchase: Your Ancestors Were Dinosaurs by The Good China

The Good China, one of my favourite bands of all time, are calling it a day. This is their final release, which can be downloaded from Bandcamp now, and their final ever gig is this Saturday. Get along to wish them a fond farewell. Details below.

The Good China final ever gig:

Northcote Social Club
with Spun Rivals and The Stiffys
301 High St Northcote
Doors 8.30pm, tickets $12 at the door

Lykke Li ‘I Never Learn’ Album Review | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone

Lykke Li’s music has always felt a degree removed, her dreamy melodies sung through a fog. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s last album, 2011’s Wounded Rhymes, was her catchiest yet. This follow-up confronts a more deliberate truth, with melancholy songs full of heartbreak, disillusion and redemption.
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La Sera’s Hour of the Dawn could be the soundtrack to your summer

La Sera, the side-turned-primary project of former Vivian Girls bassist Katy Goodman, is one of those rare where not only can you make the argument that any one of their albums are the best, but also sound radically different. Where the 2011 eponymous debut album and 2012’s Sees the Light represent immaculately crafted dream-pop and immaculately crafted radio-friendly lo-fi fuzz, respectively, Hour of the Dawn represents a shift towards new wave-y power pop.

The album is full of dualities- dawn and darkness, control and chaos, whatever a “10 Headed Goat Wizard” is (mathematically speaking, that’s like five dualities right there), and most noticeably, Goodman’s smooth vocals and (lead guitarist) Todd Wisenbaker’s uncontrollable shredding. This interplay creates a sort of dramatic tension that keeps the listener at the edge of their seat wondering what’s going to come next— heartbreak or love, a vocal harmony or another hook.

Leading up to the release, Hour of the Dawn had been referred to with a bunch of different taglines, most notably “Leslie Gore meets Black Flag” and “Not another breakup album,” and while slogans tend to compress meaning and lose nuance, these prove surprisingly accurate. Hour isn’t really a breakup album (or at least, less of a breakup album than the other two La Sera albums), and musically it occupies the power pop middle ground of too punk to be bubblegum, and too bubblegum to be punk. Catchy acoustic hooks and vocal harmonies are paired with a driving beat and a rhythm guitar tuned to the key of “buzzsaw” to eschew conventional labels and transcend meaning into a state of being where the only relevant description is “just plain fun.”

Also, this album has a picture with cats on the back cover, which automatically means bonus points.


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